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Commissionstuff by ZliDe

Commission Pricing (Be aware, that prices are in €):


Getting started:

Step 1: Get in touch
  Write me! Tell me straight away what type of commission you want (from the pricing-list, e.g.: Hi, i want a Fullcolored Headshot! - No need to describe the character right now) and whether you have a deadline for it or not. I'll give you a short answer and add you to my commission-list. If the active list is full, i'll add you to my waiting list.

Step 2: Wait & Answer
  I'll contact you again as soon as i got time for your commission. I'll send you a questionnaire that should cover up everything i need to know about your commission (if not, feel free to add what i missed :))

Step 3: Sketch & First Payment
   After that, i'll send you a rough sketch (like, really rough) about the pose - and if you're okay with that, you send me the first payment.

Step 4: Check your inbox for updates!
   From that moment on, i'll keep you updated with a small preview at least once every day i work on your commission - if you have any complaints or want something different, dont hesitate to tell me! Thats why i send you the previews!

Step 5: Final Image & Payment
   As soon as i'm finished, you send me the second payment and after that arrived, i send you the image in any size you want (my usual canvas size is ~6k  pixel on the long side)

Commission FAQ:

How do I contact you?
  - Either via deviantart-note or via mail at

How do I pay?
  - You pay via Paypal only (50% After Sketch, 50% when finished)

Are you ok with deadlines?
  - I'm not 'not ok' with them, but I reserve the right to reject them (of course before we start)

How many Slots do you have?
  - Infinite! But you always have to expect waiting periods before I can start with your commission.

How long do I have to wait for my commission?
  - Always depends on how many other commissions i need to do first (Check mainpage!). You can roughly count with one week per 2 commissions.

Do you draw NSFW?
  - Yes, but i won't upload it on dA and i decline if it's too hardcore.

You told me something different via note/mail - what now?
  - Anything i told you per note/mail always applies to you no matter what this page says.

I want to cancel my commission!
  - Alright. If you need to cancel your commission for what reason ever, write me. Based on how far i am with your commission you get some refunds.

I'm not happy with how my commission turned out!
  - Thats bad. The earlier you tell me what you dislike, the easier i can fix it. If you complain about the final version, i can still make small fixes like resizing (eyes, chin, shoulders, whatever), colors (eyes should be greener etc) or adding and removing details (like adding glasses or nailpolish) for free.
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